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Dustin LindenSmith

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band name free throw practice

interphonic (pretty close to Hooverphonic)
polybassic (sucks)
bassicgroove (sucks harder)
low end theory (might already exist; taken from tribe album title)
talking dog (weird?)
unidisc (too technical)
uniphorm (too cute? we're not uniform either)
fazulu (make a funny sound - what comes out?)
zambulu (too world music?)
sambro (like that sound)
sambro down (get down, brotha)
lowback (dumb)
zed pelletman (led zeppelin)

Please help me. Inception notes here

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vyus March 21st, 2002
Tesseract or some play off that has always been one of my favorites. A tesseract is essentially a four dimensional cube. square = two dimensions, equal sides, cube = 3 dimensions, equal sides, tesseract = 4 dimensions, equal sides.

It is purely a mathematical or imaginary construct for us 3 dimensional creatures - if a tesseract were to inject itself into our 3 dimensional space, we'd see a cube. Just as if a cube were to inject itself into a 2D plane, a 2D creatures would experience a slice of the cube - a square.

Then there's always Rube Goldberg Contraption ;)


iamom March 21st, 2002
OMG. It's a good thing you're such a hottie, or otherwise you might be mistaken for a nerd, man.

Thank you for your suggestions. I'll take your "Tesseract" as the main contribution - the concept you described is definitely bang on.

band names

(Anonymous) March 21st, 2002
The Squirrel Situation
Tin Roof Cats
Snipe Hunters
Instant Grit
Scat O Logic
Fire-Breathing Killer Robots from Winnipeg (hee hee)
Licorice Quip
Swiss Bliss
Punk Socks
Eraser Said
Brand New
September Elephant
Pizza Chord (sounds like ‘peace accord’ wa ha ha!)
The CrawDaddies

Re: band names

iamom March 21st, 2002
Holy shit, we have a poet in our midst here.

Shannon, are these your suggestions? Hopefully you'll come back to confirm that.

Shannon is one of my clients at work. My other friend and colleague who lives in Halifax and I have always thought she had a great sense of humour. Very dry. Dry as a stick. We both love that.

Re: band names

(Anonymous) March 21st, 2002
yeah, it's me, Shannon. In high school we used to sit around and think up band names. Now, we didn't have a band, but there was NOTHING to do in my town. I'm lucky we didn't start up a meth lab.
anyway, here are some more:
Rubik’s Groove
Better Mousetrap
Epileptic Hedgehog
Spine Language
Substitute Consciousness (or SubConscious)
Chaos Bound or Bound Chaos
Noteworthy (too cutesy)
Dead Canary
Rabbit Quiz (I think it's more fair to give quizzes before tests, don't you?)

Re: band names

vyus March 21st, 2002
"meth lab" is kinda cool.

Re: band names

iamom March 22nd, 2002
That name is pretty cool, but I think it fits something like a full-on trance/rave/dance band more. And probably something more electronic (hence the lab part - sounds experimental, technical).

Re: band names

hai_kah_uhk March 21st, 2002
The snipe in this here corner of Vermont make some verr' good huntin', ayuh.

Gynn, aspiring snipe hunter (hell, she's already a ghostbuster and a rainbow chaser, so why not?)

nt March 21st, 2002
depth charge
shards of reality
silver sliver
ephemeral ecstasy
thunder palace
race to the swift

iamom March 21st, 2002
Thunder Palace. I like that quite a bit. I also like Trancesonic, but I think I'd spell it transonic and try to find a good font for it somewhere.

Good names Neil, thanks. Really good ones.

awesboss March 21st, 2002
howabout give yourself a suggestion before going to sleep that as soon as you wake up a name will be present.

a lot of the names i'm hearing sound like tribes on Survivor: Zambulu. Sambro. Not that I'm helping you worth a damn.

in fact if you want to know what Survivor Tribe you belong to, take the largest street near your house and add an 'o' or a 'u' at the end. I'm with Gottingenu Tribe.

vyus March 21st, 2002
That means mine would be "Seventhu Tribe." Not as cool as yours.

hai_kah_uhk March 22nd, 2002
Broadwayu isn't too exciting either. I guess that's what i get for being on an episode of Urban Survivor.

Maybe I should move out of the city and rejoin the Wyvernu tribe. :)


iamom March 22nd, 2002
See, that's where "sambro" came from - the largest street near my house, period. I just like that sound.

My old one would have been Towero or Inglisu. Not very resonant for Survivor...

eatingart March 21st, 2002
Here's my offering.......Tempered Moves

I'm looking for a band name myself........we are five people who play African and Cuban rhythms on percussion.

hai_kah_uhk March 22nd, 2002
I'm looking for a band who plays African and Cuban rhythms on percussion. :o\ (Or at least i would if i were any good.)

But Knox Overstreet is a lousy name for that type of band, so, on the off-chance that i somehow end up in a band someday, I'd still be honored if iamom decided to use it.

I'd make more suggestions, but I don't have any. Sorry.


iamom March 22nd, 2002
I can't think of anything other than nonsense fake African words like Mbutu Zambale and stuff like that. Let me know if you want a list of those to look at, though. You might get a couple of shortlisted choices from that.

By the way, have you recorded any of that band? And do you have any melody instruments (or a singer)?


eatingart March 22nd, 2002
One of our band members plays the flute sometimes while we are drumming and it sounds great. We have just begun to record because I now have a software on the computer for that.


iamom March 23rd, 2002
Cool! Do you have a place online where you could post your MP3s? I've never looked for that myself - perhaps you could do it through your own website - but it would be cool to hear some of that sometime.


eatingart March 23rd, 2002
I certainly do plan on putting something up on my website. My business site has a monthly magazine that I put up that shows the rhythm of our artistic life so I will put them there....I'll let you know when....

teawhiskers March 25th, 2002
Have you made any decisions?


iamom March 25th, 2002
I've been meaning to post a short list, but I've had a busy weekend - I'll put it up soon, though. Thanks for asking!

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