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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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(no subject)

There's an appearance of progress that constantly reveals itself every day. It feels like this is giving way to that; like what we're doing today paves the way for what will happen tomorrow.

Seems a funny game to play when the moment doesn't exist to begin with.

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vyoma April 20th, 2002
Hey, even if its all smoke and mirrors, you're still likely to cough once in awhile.

lihuahou April 20th, 2002
I personally do not see this appearance of progress, all I know is that I do what I do because they are the things that must be done. For me this does not necessarily give way to that, for what is already is and the moment is simply a guide along the way.


iamom April 20th, 2002
Mm-hmm... You might ne a special case. In fact, I think you are a special case.

hai_kah_uhk April 21st, 2002
That's what i like about comic books... it doesn't apply. Tyler will forever be churning butter. Sgorif will never stop popping out of the bushes and greeting his long-lost brother. And the future definitely exists, because I already drew it. The more I draw, the more moments will exist. The characters' lack of awareness of it doesn't negate that.

I wonder if there's a parallel to that in the reality we all share.

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