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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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looking for Mac users to test something for me

I need to test our web survey software's compatibility with Macs. Does anyone with a Mac want to volunteer about 15 minutes of their time to help me with this? I'd just like you to try completing a web survey hosted at our site to see if the survey works properly on a Macintosh.

I'll post a link soon if anyone can help.

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giles May 1st, 2002
You want it tested on OS X? OS 9? I may be able to help depending on when my lunch finally occurs. :)

Ed has an I Mac

ilenebook May 1st, 2002
Look up Ed Book's LJ and he will help you. He has an I Mac and could help.

millennialhippy May 1st, 2002
i can test with imac 8.6, IE 6.0
and later with imac 9.1 IE 6.0

and OS 10 if need be

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