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Dustin LindenSmith

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Shortest day of 2000 - a verse from Avadhuta Gita

8. I have no mental activity, good or bad; I have no bodily function, good or bad; I have no verbal action, good or bad. I am the nectar of Knowledge, beyond the senses, pure.

Had another series of insights into some problems Jo described to me from her work today. I wonder if I could find anyone else with similar insights into the nuts-and-bolts problems in our lives and our work. Is this the nondual activism that J was talking about today? A state of being, of mindful action, and the tapping into the spiritual power that is thereby generated? I'm sure that a collective dialogue among the right people would be very powerful. Imagine the potential. Maybe there's a good opportunity for a website and online discussion forum about those things.

What things? Everything, I suppose. Everything can be subjected to a good discussion like this.

From no-Thing or Thought
arise two-folded action
It has never Been.