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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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short rant, sort of

Something that made my day the other day was hearing about how little support that Fuckhead (i.e. Dubya) is getting from any other country (including even Britain) for his "pre-emptive defensive strike" against Iraq. I also heard that this war, were it to occur, would cost in the neighbourhood of $60 billion US, which, were it to occur, would unquestionably be a travesty of economic justice given the countless more constructive initiatives that that much money could be spent on. Could he not practically eradicate poverty and homelessness in the US with that much money? Cure cancer, or something? For chrissakes...

(gets down off of soapbox)

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chaizzilla August 28th, 2002
5H0w m3 th3 m0N3Y!

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