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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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sinking deeper

Wed 17 Jan

I recognize what's happening now. I'm proceeding towards self-actualization. I've begun to see clearly what that means; so far, I like what I see and I'm ready to get some more.

If self-realization for the earthbound one means an equilibrium reached and maintained; if it means one's ongoing dwelling in actual awareness; if it means understanding the true make-up of our world and how we fit into it; if it means mastery over our own thoughts, speech and actions (i.e. the outward manifestations of our minds and consciousness); if it means understanding and loving literally every person you meet; if it means residing constantly, in sleep and in wakefulness, in the deepest-seated awareness, love and peace that anyone on Earth has ever dreamed of; if it comprises a depth of understanding that totally negates the earthly identity yet holds it intact as a brilliant symbol of this worldly construction site; if it is all of these and no-thing at all, then I am ready to let it wash through me and scrub my soul pores empty clean. That which is without quality connects me to the web of life; I am now ready to assimilate the web of life into my Being.