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Dustin LindenSmith

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(no subject)

What is total quiet? When can you be completely silent?

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wickenden September 24th, 2002
so rarely. Maybe for a minute or two, here and there.

How does one still the storm?


iamom September 24th, 2002
Good question. I think that the short answer is meditation, or periods of willful mind-silence. I don't have a regular meditation practice per se, but I have noticed that when the situation is right and it's quiet in the immediate environment, I can have a wonderful meditation where I simply go inward until the thoughts stop flowing. It's a liberating feeling when your mind becomes so quiet that you're not aware of any new thoughts arising. It's like a rest period for the mind. And a powerful tool for developing the objective witness, too.

As far as regular life goes though, I don't think there's a specific need to still the storm, unless there's strife in your life because of it. What do you think about that, though? Do you think it's valuable in and of itself to be quiet of mind in your everyday activities?

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