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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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(no subject)

whoever it is that's seeing this right now
whoever it is that looks out through these eyes and reads these words
whoever it is that listens to this music and feels the sun on the face
whoever it is that sees and feels what is apparently there to be seen and felt

whoever it is: is it the same one for you as it is for me?

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I believe so.

teawhiskers October 15th, 2002
I think your self is my self and my self is your self.
So when I see you, I see my self.
When you see me, you see your self.
When we see our self, we see each other.


We are looking at the self, with the same vision.

Look at your user icon, and mine!

teawhiskers October 15th, 2002

We reflect
each other!
It must be the same power source.

vyus October 15th, 2002
I'm all I ever have been.

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