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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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the apparent unique

having grown up in the west, i feel like an inordinate amount of importance has been placed on my sense of the individual

or so i think, when i find myself looking for my unique contribution to the world

why do i look for these markers of my individuality? is it just my karma?

withdraw your mental energy from wondering who's doing the perceiving
withdraw the mind completely?

poof! there is no more individual

(I haven't gotten this yet, but it's coming.)

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hai_kah_uhk November 16th, 2002
Is it bad or undesirable to seek your individuality? Is there a problem when you find yourself seeking it? Did you ask your subconscious why you do this?

There might be a really good reason... or, if not, at least no good reason not to.

iamom November 16th, 2002
That's a friggin' great icon, baby. I love it.

No, I don't think it's particularly bad to express my individuality, it's just that I've always had this feeling that my own individuality was just an appearance, or an illusion, and that in reality, I was the same as everyone and everything.

Of course, I've also been conscious of the fact that I probably trip myself out about that too much; I should be able to express my individuality in light of my feeling of unity with the cosmos (or even perhaps because of it?).

Ah, whatever. More prattling, I suppose. Thanks for asking, though. It's a good question.

hai_kah_uhk November 17th, 2002
Thanks! It seems to be a very popular icon. I think I really hit upon something relevant. :)

I don't mind, either way... it's just that exploring uniqueness and individuality can be enjoyable and useful, and I thought it might be good to point that out. You're certainly in no danger of going overboard and turning individuality into alienation... I've seen it happen...

And, well, you'll only have a few more decades to even be an individual (so the philosophy goes). After that, things will change, so enjoy being Dustin while he still officially exists. :)

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