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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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For any of you Americans who have considered moving away from the US...


This guy made his own take-off on the Apple switch ads, but in this case, he was switching his citizenship from American to Canadian. Great little video.

(Alternate mirror site here if you can't connect at his site.)

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fireceremony November 18th, 2002

This made me realize I'm not sure whether you're Canadian or American ?

iamom November 18th, 2002
Ah -- very very Canadian, baby. And I always like to encourage Americans to move up here, especially whenever I hear your President on the news.


fireceremony November 18th, 2002

Ah you're Canadian ! That must be why you're so sensible ! ;)))

Heh heh, I'm not American either, I'm European. Though I've considered emigrating to the neighboring country too if the right wing party gets the prime minister post.

iamom November 19th, 2002
Oops, sorry -- I don't know why I thought you lived in the States. Not because of your attitude, to be sure -- must have just been an assumption.

Europe, eh? That's nice. I haven't traveled there very much, but I'd like to when I have more money.

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