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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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From my guru

Take a board. Place a variety of pebbles at one end. Take the end of the board where the pebbles are, and tilt it up a little. Some pebbles roll to the bottom, other roll off the side, others move slightly, some don't move at all, and all the pebbles that move have their own path.

Rate each pebble according to its pebbleness, on a scale of one to five.

Its pebbleness has nothing to do with the test that was applied.

That's what's being done, not only when a person is rated, but when a person rates or judges what's going on with himself. You look at things as they are, which is simply as they are, not at their comparative behavior on a slanted board.

Looking at things as they are is love and ahimsa.

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wordsmith9 November 26th, 2002
Good point ... thanks for something to think about. Have a good day.

(Deleted comment)
hai_kah_uhk November 26th, 2002
Yeah, what they said! And fortuitous, too. Very relevant to me right now. (But then, it's nearly always relevant.)

jjjiii November 26th, 2002
That's interesting... I take it your guru does not think that living conscious beings have freewill?

iamom December 2nd, 2002
I've been trying to think of how to reply to this. I used to wrestle all the time with what I perceived to be my 'weak will,' especially with respect to my eating habits and exercise. But personally, I think that if we try to exert too much influence over the natural flow of things (i.e. exert our will), we risk the chance of imposing our own personal immature desires on what is already perfect in and of itself (i.e. the world). So yeah, at one level, we obviously have free will to do as we like, but at another, there's a deeper intelligence to every moment that we can align ourselves with through a quiet listening, and not through exercising our wills.

For example, I wish George W. Bush would stop exercising his will so much. The world could stand a break from his will power.

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