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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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From Ramesh Balsekar, a principle disciple of Nisargadatta

The central point of the ultimate understanding is that at any and every instant there is nothing but perfection in the totality of functioning that is the universe. Thus, the present moment and whatever it offers is accepted in total and uninhibited pure enjoyment.

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ex_rejuvena656 December 1st, 2002
Yes, a contentment (?) in the moment.
Contentment in happy, in sad, in whatever...
As this too shall pass.
That moment is what it is,
and in holding on to it (good or bad)
we risk the temptation of allowing it
to live again, and again...inappropriately.
(Past, Future)
and measuring other moments by this one.
Only the moment
when experienced as it is...is perfect.
Before or after...
it is only illusion.
I really like this quote you have shared.

hai_kah_uhk December 2nd, 2002
When I first read this I considered taking it as a compliment... then I wondered if saying so might make me seem absurd somehow... and after that I just had to laugh.

It's all just so twisted... I love being alive.

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