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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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it is

Mon 22 Jan

The time to abandon all knowledge is now. Throw away your books, your teachings, your sayings, your messages. Your knowledge is a distraction to your own understanding; understanding is begotten from intuition, not from knowledge.

When you open your mouth and speak, do you know what you are saying? Are the words you utter truly your own, or have you borrowed them from someone else's lips? Do you speak only of what you Know, or do you recall instead what you've learned? If you're still learning, good (we all are): but do so with eyes open. Observe and take heed of what it is that you KNOW. Not what you know for a fact, but what you KNOW.


I'm not really a lost soul - that was incorrect, before. I'm not lost at all - I'm right here, more so than ever. I know exactly who I am and where I am. My body and my mind are the machines, but I know what the underlying principle is.

it is