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Dustin LindenSmith

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I'm sure this is a hoax, but I liked it anyway

I received this by e-mail this morning. I doubt that it's legit, but there would certainly be no harm in Bush applying his own criteria to himself...
A coalition of Canadian peace groups have announced their intention to send an international team of volunteer weapons inspectors into the United States later this winter. The coalition, called Rooting Out Evil, are recruiting inspectors through their newly launched website.

"Our action has been inspired by none other than George W. Bush," said Christy Ferguson, a spokesperson for the group. "The Bush administration has repeatedly declared that the most dangerous rogue nations are those that:

1) have massive stockpiles of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons;

2) ignore due process at the United Nations;

3) refuse to sign and honor international treaties; and

4) have come to power through illegitimate means.

"On the basis of President Bush's guidelines, it is clear that the current U.S. administration poses a great threat to global security," said Ferguson. "We're following Bush's lead and demanding that the U.S. grant our inspectors immediate and unfettered access to any site in the country including all presidential compounds so that we can identify the weapons of mass destruction in this rogue state,"

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jjjiii December 5th, 2002
Everything they say is true. I'm embarrassed to be a citizen of this country sometimes.

sathanas65 December 6th, 2002
What he said.

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