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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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I like this one, too

"Out beyond the ideas of
right-doing and wrong-doing
there is a field.
I'll meet you there." Rumi.

From http://inspirelist.com/, by Michael Bledsoe

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millennialhippy December 11th, 2002
great one. I appropriated it for my plethora of IM away msgs ;)

fireceremony December 11th, 2002

That's a deal. :)

essence December 11th, 2002
one of my favorites from rumi :) I love him so!

starskin December 11th, 2002
i love it.


iamom December 12th, 2002
Thanks -- this one was popular.

Hey, I added you to my friends list because your a friend of dizzie and also because I got a music degree too -- it hit a nerve when your bio said you were in the music building all the time. I remember that so well. Not fondly, necessarily, but well. :) Heh. You sing, I assume? I play tenor sax.

starskin December 12th, 2002
Actually, it was katie that posted that comment from my computer, but I do enjoy reading your lj and comments, so thanks for adding me!

Yeah, I am a Music Major.....oy. Are we not masochists? I love meeting people who do music as a living, because they're just as obsessed as I am. I'm in the music building all the time it seems, except when I am too lazy to practice, which is often at this time of the year. At home I have to practice in the laundry room when people are asleep. Ah, the joy. (Yes, I'm rambling, but like I said, I'm excited to meet musicians.)
I'm a soprano, and I play the piano very badly, and also the tablas, again badly, but I'm going to take more classes on that because I love Indian music.

Wow. I bet that was way more than you bargained for, but I really appreciate you adding me. :)

PS...My room mate plays tenor sax, as well.

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