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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Wed 13 Dec

Some recent thoughts on the passage of time: it passes, so easily and without effort, from one moment to the next. Is there anything unique about these passing moments? Is there anything truly profound or fundamental about one thought or event or occurrence when compared with another?

I often ask these philosophical, rhetorical questions of myself. I'm either trying to be deep, or I'm genuinely perplexed by these dilemmas. Although, there's really not much dilemma to it, in the end. I probably used to think that there was, but I no longer feel that way. Now, I think that the dilemma is just a construct of our imaginations; we encounter it just as part of our daily lives. There is so clearly something permanent that runs through all of these events at the same time. The only secret to understanding that permanence is simply to become aware of it. Not too hard to grasp, that.