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Dustin LindenSmith

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more DailyDharma

The teacher of Zen has been called someone who 'sells water by the river,' while the student looking for Zen is 'like a man in the midst of water, crying in thirst so imploringly.' It is an absurd and crowded situation: the teacher hawking water by a river, while the student, in the middle of the stream, is dying of thirst. Each one of us is immersed and permeated by buddhanature: It hears and tastes and breathes, yet we're looking to 'get a life' because something is missing. Turn a corner in the street, and a whole new world opens up. You listen, and all these sounds come to you. But we're still asking, 'What's the meaning of this? Why? What's the secret of Zen?'

--Jiro Osho Fernando Afable, vice abbot of Dai Bosatsu Zendo.
Reminds me of the Rage tune, Wake Up.