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Dustin LindenSmith

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Action Jackson

Quite enjoyed watching the doc tonight. I'm taping the last hour where they're going through his faces. Although, you can see a brief overview of his various faces here, too. I enjoyed the doc because by the end of the two hours, I felt like I got to know him a bit better, and I got to see him more as a normal, regular human (albeit with a few weird ideas and a kind of strange self-image). I don't really think it's necessary for everyone to beat up on him so much for being eccentric or imbalanced (admittedly, his childhood years were pretty cooked), but it's easy to be shocked by the way he looks and by what he says and how he acts. You gotta admit, he doesn't really look as bad as Jocelyne Wildenstein.

My favourite look for him was from 1984, the year after Thriller was released. I thought he looked his best then. Sounded about his best then, too. My favourite Michael Jackson record of all time was Off The Wall.

Addendum: Oh, shit. I just started browsing through the Odd Pic archives of that site, and found this shot of a breaded chicken head from Rotten Ronnie's. Yeesh, how gross would that be?

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hai_kah_uhk February 6th, 2003
My problem I have with Michael is that for everything he does, I know an Otherkin who does it better, weirder, and more compelling. And I know those people personally, so I get to witness the weirdness in much closer detail than some stranger in the media can ever reveal. It's hard to sympathise with the guy when all of his problems and quirks are just the same old stuff I watch my friends deal with. And that leaves his music, which is okay but not really my thing.

Yeah, I do consider him a freak... just like everyone else. Including myself. :)

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