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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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tue-20-mar-01 08h15

I've been having a lot of visions lately. They're about a wide variety of things which become unimportant within minutes or hours (but even if important for a million years, meaningless; as anything held sacred by anyone for any part of that million years could be added together to make up a million years in length, but once their moment of importance had passed, they would fade from memory so as to have rendered themselves meaningless at any point in time, as though they had never existed nor held any importance at all), but enormously instructive with respect to the profundity of the self-observation, if one is aware of the true nature and unfolding of those visions themselves.

But if I leave aside the content and subject matter of these visions and try instead to find their most common thread, I'm left with nothing much more profound: I'm still the same collection of biomass, drawing my energy for thought and movement from this psychic network that inevitably binds us all. This concept called "intergenerational thinking," or even true "sustainable development" (although that latter term might be too easily manipulated to be truly effective) is nothing other than an attempt to assign a definition to a simple part of our existence: If you are Here, human (or dog, tree, or cloud), then you are visible to me simply through a specific activation of this energy at the location where you are now standing in space and time, those two axes upon which we plot the events and passage of our lives. Through the inherent and genius-like functioning of the system itself, your own will, mind and personality follow your body as it moves from this location on the space/time continuum to the next one. Hell, maybe that will, mind and personality actually give cause for the body to move, but that's a technical point.

Actually, I think just tripped over a Point, there. You could go down that road forever, debating those finer technical points of how our existence is manifested here, and how this connects to that which begets this and creates that, and how the physical world therefore works and how our bodies interact with it. This discussion is probably fairly well reflected in the sum total of our regular human activity, too; at least in its basic character. That is, we're all on a search for ___________: we're all trying to be smarter, more well-skilled, stronger, more centred, more beautiful, more wealthy, happier, more enlightened, or oftener laid. But that search has no intrinsic importance in and of itself, it's just an activity for us to do while we're here. I mean, it's just how we pass the time, really. Isn't it? What else "is there" beyond this, beyond that, and blah blah blah? Show me what that is, and I'll show you the sound of one hand clapping in the interconnected vacuum-like no-thingness of beingless existence.

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fewtch March 20th, 2001
All of this assumes there's a 'me'... having visions, thinking itself a collection of biomass or whatever, searching for something... ad infinitum.

That root (pre)assumption, that there is a "me" (and the unanswered question... if so, what is it, exactly?) bears questioning.

If questioned thoroughly and concluded that there is definitively a "me," sounds good. You say "that is how we pass the time." Do you know how many assumptions (utterly unproven and perhaps uninvestigated) are made in that 7-word sentence? Hundreds, perhaps thousands.


oftener laid

gwen42 March 20th, 2001
sometimes it makes me angry, honestly angry,
i start questioning, why do we ask ourselves these things?
why do i feel things, anything at all?

because you know what, if there's one thing i do still believe in,
it's evolution.

and what the fuck was the evolutionary advantage in my ability to question? to feel?

because in the end, for evolution, it is all about being oftener laid.

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