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Dustin LindenSmith

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A message from the Pope about the war

This was posted in this morning's NDS News. I thought it was great.
NEVER AS AT THE beginning of this millennium has humanity felt how precarious is the world which it has shaped. I have been personally struck by the feeling of fear which often dwells in the hearts of our contemporaries.

An insidious terrorism capable of striking at any time and anywhere; the unresolved problem of the Middle East, with the Holy Land and Iraq; the turmoil disrupting South America; the conflicts preventing numerous African countries from focusing on their development; the diseases spreading contagion and death; the grave problem of famine, especially in Africa; irresponsible behaviour contributing to the depletion of the planet's resources; all these are so many plagues threatening the survival of humanity, the peace of individuals, and the security of societies.

Yet everything can change. It depends on each of us. Everyone can develop within himself his potential for faith, for honesty, for respect of others, and for commitment to the service of others.


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chaizzilla February 23rd, 2003
he still wants to control my womb


iamom February 24th, 2003
Duly noted, but his message here still holds water, don't you think?

chaizzilla February 24th, 2003
slippery slope. are we thinking "hmm, hadn't thought of that, great point" or "hey even the pope can tell this is fucked up!"

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