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Dustin LindenSmith

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Edwin Starr's message isn't getting through

In a slightly sombre mood today as I listen to this morning's news about Bush's final deadline. It now seems almost inevitable that war will begin in Iraq late Tuesday night. I knew it was serious when Kofi Annan ordered all the UN staff and inspectors out of Iraq and all the travel advisories were issued yesterday. B and Z and I have a trip planned for San Diego at the beginning of April, and I find myself wondering if we shouldn't just try to cancel it or something. I'm not worried about a terrorist attack per se (although I suppose it's entirely possible), but there's just something inside me that doesn't feel like going to the States right now

Had quite a productive late night session working on the application package for the federal government self employment program I'm applying to this week. The app is due this Wednesday at noon, but since they only provided it last Friday and my mom was here visiting until yesterday morning, I haven't been able to work on it much, until now.

Just filling out the application is a worthwhile process. A few dozen specific questions are asked about your business idea to assess its feasibility, and articulating convincing answers to the questions about the services I'll provide, my prospective client profile, my marketing and sales plans, and my financial requirements are all great preparation for building a good business plan. If anybody who is contemplating starting their own business is interested in checking out their questions, I'd be happy to post them here. I'm still missing what I think would be some good statistics about the size of the online market research industry (I just don't have time to dig around for that stuff before the application is due), but I think that the rest of the application, along with my draft website and some other collateral materials, should be enough at least to get me an interview for the program. If I reach the interview stage, I should be able to convince them that I'm worthy for the program.

Awesome cardio this morning -- my heart rate reached 181 on my high point -- and now I'm off for a shower and breakfast of an egg-white omelette with smoked salmon, a slice of back bacon (it's roughly as low-fat as skinless chicken breast), a half grapefruit, and a big glass of water. I have that breakfast almost every day, and I never get sick of it. The smoked salmon omelette is so decadent, and I can buy great smoked salmon trimmings at the farmer's market here for $7.50 a pound. In US dollars, that's like 4 bucks a pound or something.

I think Jerry will be coming home soon from California. I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

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inventurer March 18th, 2003
......If anybody who is contemplating starting their own business is interested in checking out their questions, I'd be happy to post them here.......

Yes, definitely, I am interested in all things marketing and business related. What is your business proposal about?

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