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Dustin LindenSmith

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military technology

Okay, I have to admit that it is impressive. It's impressive that there's some brigade whose fuel economy is measured in gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon. They use something like a half-million gallons of gas every day. Wow. And it's also impressive that they've assembled such an enormous cast of characters and equipment in this theatre, which are largely interacting with each other probably like a well-oiled machine. To coordinate the movements of so many people and so much equipment is certainly a noteworthy feat.

The only question that remains for me is, what's the point of all that? Why spend so much money and energy and development time on an army instead of on something else with a more lasting impact, like world hunger, agriculture, the environment, or alternative forms and uses of energy? Don't you get the sense that like ALL of the world's hunger and energy problems could be solved if we spent about a quarter of the time and money on those instead of on the military?

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inventurer March 23rd, 2003
Yes, I do!!!!!!!!

chaizzilla March 23rd, 2003
i'd be way more impressed if they put that much effort into simple meditation.
with practice, so would they.

scratch that, i forgot about stephen segal.

er no wait, he is impressed, it's me that..

o GOD i'm so confused

iamom March 23rd, 2003
You're cracking me up, Z!

gwendy March 27th, 2003
yes. this sucks. i think i'm going to move to canada.

iamom March 27th, 2003
The silent one speaks!

Yes, by all means, move to Canada. Halifax would be a lovely place for you to live... :)

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