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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Jerry's guest appearance on SpiritualChicks.com

"When that ball comes to you, you see it coming and it comes. It might slap your palm, sting, and fly out. But you've touched it. You know it."

Full article is here. Jerry's always coming up with good metaphors, and this one about baseball is no exception. His writing in general is gold, as is his teaching. Here's a good morsel from his front page at Nonduality.com:
Words cannot describe I Am, but words in any combination are I Am. Mind cannot describe I Am, but mind is I Am. Consciousness cannot reveal I Am, but consciousness is I Am. I Am is what is as it is. All things are pierced by I Am, consumed by I Am. Out of that ground of knowing arises the utterance, "I Am That I Am."
We're going for Chinese this afternoon, so I'll get to have a dharma talk with him over some ginger chicken and steamed broccoli. Or we may just talk about women.

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awesboss April 23rd, 2003
If there's anything better than being really hungry, and sitting at a table at an all you can eat Chinese restaurant with your best friend, someone please let me know.

iamom April 24th, 2003
That's sweet to say, and it couldn't be truer. I had a great time with you, too.

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