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hump day

Two days of eating that has been heavier than it should have been. Keeping as high a level of awareness of the actual eating as possible, and waiting for the cycle to pass. Will be going away to a retreat with B and her colleagues this weekend though, which will be full buffets for each meal, all weekend. I'll try to exercise as much restraint as I can while I'm there in order not to overeat.

Just had a real estate agent stop by our place to give me a preliminary market value assessment of our home. She just sold a neighbour's place for 23 thousand more than we purchased our home for two years ago. She was thrilled by our house, told me it was gorgeous, and that we could expect to sell for about 40% more than we paid for it two years ago! Too bad we couldn't sell it now to get rid of some of our debt... It's great news that it's worth so much more than we paid for it though, because by the time we're ready to sell it, we still won't have too much equity in it yet, and so every extra dollar will help.

That whole thing makes me feel pretty good. B's also meeting with her department head in two weeks to hear a new job offer they have for her for next year, and if it's a good one, we'll probably take it for a year or two in order to pay down some more debt and/or save some more dough before we're forced to move back out west where the family is.

Of course, my not-so-secret hope is kind of that we just get settled here and don't move at all, but don't tell my parents I said that.


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