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Dustin LindenSmith

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So Jenna, huh?

As soon as she won that second-to-last immunity that got her to the final three, I started to wonder if she'd end up winning. What a crazy turn in the game. I can't decide if I like it or not. Ultimately, I would have rather seen Rob win, since he played the game so well for so long. Matthew was also a favourite of mine until the end though; even though he didn't play too hard, he worked very hard and I thought he had an interesting demeanour and inner strength. But Jenna. Huh.

I wonder how long it will take for Heidi to make it into Playboy. She looked like the epitome of a Playboy centerfold on the reunion show last night. I thought she looked like a reptile on the show, but last night, she was a hottie. A boring, bleached-blonde hottie that would be hell in conversation, but a hottie nonetheless. And definitely not my type.

Bring on the dark, buxom brunettes please. But not Jenna, either. Just B.

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chaizzilla May 13th, 2003

iamom May 18th, 2003
Sorry -- Survivor recap.

awesboss May 13th, 2003
I told Kelly, Jenna would win the first immunity challenge because we were being so set up for her demise. Kelly dismissed the idea until Jenna started grabbing necklaces. I never liked her until that last show, and I'm glad she won. I wanted Matt to win, but he seemed to cringe during the question/answer session with the jury while Jenna spoke well and came across with a greater confidence. Interesting that she did better than the show's editing let on: she won more immunity challenges than anyone except Colby; she was the first to give away immunity; she was the youngest winner and the only one to ever win by a landslide. So she had something going for her.

Meanwhile, American Idol's holding court in the household tonight and tomorrow night. Big Clay fans. Great links here.

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