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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Jazz Night in Hell

Had a really fun time at our latest gig last night. I advertised it on the front page of the JazzEast website this week -- the group's name was Hecticity this time. Like the last time we played though, the tune we played that everyone loved the most was Airbag, by Radiohead, from OK Computer. People like hearing tunes they recognize, which is understandable. Radiohead is pretty fun to play, too. Tom Yorke's voice fits perfectly in the range of the tenor sax, and when we play those tunes, I can live vicariously through him by pretending I'm a rock star. 'Cause you know, who doesn't want to be a rock star?

A significant aspect of the night was how we arranged ourselves physically on the stage, and also how we designed the sound for the night. We set up in a diamond shape, all facing inward, so that we could see and hear each other directly (usually I stand in front with the other three behind me). Then we put lots of sax in the monitors because as the only unamplified instrument it's usually pretty hard to hear me on stage. Then we went nuts and had a great gig. Everyone was feeling really relaxed and comfortable, and being able to see and hear each other so well really helped us a lot.