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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Connections in the present moment

Mon 11 Dec

Been gathering data on the gravity of the meaning and meaninglessness of the present moment of existence. There seems to be little practical point in thinking of anything other than what IS, at the present moment. There is no yesterday; tomorrow hasn't arrived; today, and this very instantaneous moment (and this one, and this one), is the only nugget of awareness we can really pick up and TOUCH, y'know?

I don't know if I'm writing this for posterity or for therapy. Whatever the reason, I feel a need to chronicle these thoughts as they occur to me. Joke to self: consider building a database of my journal entries to examine for patterns. Measure moods, context, length of entries, time, distance between entries, work situation, etc. Analyze for relationships. Might be interesting to incorporate weight data into the mix as well.

Don't know how much I've written about the following: I've been seeing a very clear connection between everything in my life. My life is a never-ending web that reaches out intermingled like tree roots with your net and your uncle John's net and that of nosey old Mrs. Whoever down at the end of your street.

I think that B is aware of the connection also, as evidenced by his passionate interest in all matters pertaining to the environment and our earth. When one is attuned to the rhythms of nature, and when one can observe with open mind the interconnectedness of our Selves with our Envinronment, it becomes second nature to consider the sum of one's own actions in relationship with their combined effect, positive or negative, on our envinronment. When you add his truly unbridled enthusiasm to the mix of his sensitivity, instinct and intelligence, you are presented with a young, brash in his ideas and idealistic to the core, visionary; a young man just now poised for intense emotional growth and life experience, the combined effects of which will propel him in the coming handful of years to the profound highs and lows associated with personal growth and the maturing of Personality and Self. Luckily for him and everyone around him, his feet are basically planted on the ground, as it were, and he doesn't QUITE believe he's ready to fix the entire world. Yet.

An ode to the brother I never had, but now do.

Note: full moon tonight, but heavily overcast. Last night's moon was beautiful though, and I love the sound of tonight's rain on our roof.