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prison ministries


Interesting post about prison ministry. Reminds me of the time I played in a gospel band on a tour of the prisons in Alberta. We visited Innisfail, Fort Saskatchewan, and Drumheller, playing concerts for the prisoners which were followed up with sermons of sorts to help them find Jesus. There was a handful of us who were recruited into this band as paid ringers to fill out the missing instruments, and we played these great arrangements from a choir in Harlem which were really fun to play. Apart from the minister trying really hard to convert us heathen jazz musicians on the tour bus to Christianity, the highlight of that tour was meeting Colin Thatcher at Drumheller, who watched us from the back of the room for the whole concert, and then came up afterward to tell us all about how he was framed and that he was innocent of his wife's contract killing. He'd already been in jail for a number of years by that point.

It was an interesting trip. I believe that I earned every dollar I made on it.


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