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Dustin LindenSmith

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(no subject)

Ah, another haunting melody by Radiohead filling the room. Thom's voice continues to give me goosebumps on songs like this, no matter how many times I've heard it.

Here's another great technical post from LJ founder brad about his new system of using RAM for accessing journal entries instead of the database servers. If I understand his previous posts on the topic correctly, we (especially paid users, I think) will notice faster journal read/write times, even in high traffic periods. Anyway, as usual, I don't really follow what the hell he's talking about, but he too, in his own way, also gives me goosebumps when he sings. Man, that boy has a big brain. I love it.

Lots of work to do today, so I guess I won't hang out here for too long. Really digging the latest version of Office, too. The new folder list settings, message list and preview pane layout is far more intuitive and user-friendly than it was before. Far better use of space: