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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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puzzle pieces

here's a piece - it looks right
let's turn it around to see if it fits over there
yep - just like i thought it would

The hardest thing to get your head around is that nothing fundamental has changed in the universe just because your own awareness has changed. When your mind starts expanding to see the incredible possibilities of life, it feels like all you have to do to make them happen is to say them; to understand them; to make others understand them; and to have everyone work together to make it happen.

The puzzle pieces fit together automatically, each day, without any effort on my part. How could I possibly make an effort that affected anything substantial or fundamental about our universe? We are here now, simply as we are, and there is no way to question or investigate the matter any further than that. All that we know is that we are here; everything else is an assumption.

I am not a person struggling with this situation or that person or this personal obstacle or that barrier from doing such and such. I am not an individual entity in and of myself that makes a decision here that affects that person there. I am only the total of consciousness itself, observing the play-acting going on in my own mind, observing that nothing can exist without the observation itself and the person having the observation.

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Re: people

iamom April 9th, 2001
Interesting approach. Would you then say that you hope your greatest contribution will be to help support someone through your teaching in order that they may go on to do great things? Do you have any personal plans for yourself to go on to do great things?

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