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bedtime haikus (aka Start | Turn Off Computer)

gazing at the screen
a humming is emitted
I should go to bed

reading about zen
is like peeing after sex
your aim goes awry

money is no joke
except when you don't have it
or if you don't care

if I had a Porsche
I wouldn't worry again
I'd just keep driving

words flutter around
they follow me everywhere
and they're no real help

silence is golden
goddamn this stupid humming
my pillow beckons

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fireceremony June 8th, 2003

>goddamn this stupid humming
>my pillow beckons

:)) Have a good night.

sathanas65 June 9th, 2003
I love it!

indigosoulflow June 9th, 2003
these are AWESOME :):):) i like the peeing after sex one especially...gave me an early morning giggle :)

awesboss June 9th, 2003
nice revelations from that moment right before turning the computer off, which is like the moment right before falling asleep, which is like the moment right before waking up, which is like the moment right before...

zalty June 10th, 2003
reading about zen
is like peeing after sex
your aim goes awry

Hah! I love this! Both very funny and very true.

iamom June 10th, 2003

I'm also a father (but only of one), I work with computers, and I'm a not-always-good practitioner of Zen. After reading your profile, I think it would seem that we have some things in common. I added you as a friend, but it looks like most of your entries are restricted-access. Would you to add me to your friends list so that I can check out some of your LJ?

Nice to meet you -- thanks for stopping by.


zalty June 10th, 2003
I have added you, and thanks for asking.

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