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mountain lion pic -- in person

This shot is great:

I love big cats like this. There was briefly a stuffed tiger on display at the Halifax Airport the last time I was there, and I must have admired it for 10 minutes the last time I was flying out of Halifax. I love the bone structure, and their enormous, deadly legs and paws that are also still very cute at the same time.

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fireceremony June 17th, 2003

Oooh look at that face, focused and relaxed and totally itself at the same time. So beautiful. :))

Cat faces are very telling once you start to learn how to interpret their facial expressions.

Thanks a lot for sharing.

The post you posted a few days ago about asking even if it seems improbable that you will get it, has inspired me to do some asking too. Thanks for sharing that too. :)

iamom June 18th, 2003
Mm-hmm... So let me know what you ask for... :)


fireceremony June 24th, 2003

To be heard and, if not agreed with, understood to some degree. Asking about it seemed to work. :)

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