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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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Are you aware of the ramifications of the Free Trade Area of the Americas? Do you know what will happen if transnational corporations continue to expand their powers over those of our national governments?
No, but I'm sure you're going to tell me about it.

Do you have a problem with being socially aware?
Of course I don't. But I would suggest that everyone who shows up for the demonstrations in Quebec City looks hard at why they're there and what they're doing themselves to make things better.

Obviously we'll be there to effect change on the governments and keep the interests of big business from infringing on our basic human rights. Corporations have to be stopped from subjugating our rights as citizens to their own business interests.
Look, if you really want to have a lasting impact on these corporations' activities, you'll have to vote with your credit card. They're here because we couldn't do without them. Are you pissed at the car companies? Damn, I just gave them a vote of support by buying a new car last year. Are you pissed at the oil companies? Damn, I just filled up my car with gas yesterday. Are you pissed at the pulp and paper companies? Hold on, let me clear that chair of all my magazines and newspapers so that you can sit down. Are you pissed at Monsanto and the GM food manufacturers? Damn, I was just going to suggest that we stop at McDonald's for supper on our way home tonight.