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Dustin LindenSmith

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(no subject)

wandertheearth posted a link to this site today that I found interesting, albeit too deep for a cursory glance. A different translation with commentary of Patanjali's yoga sutras is also included here.

B's on call at the ICU again tonight and she has a full ward (11 patients total) of very sick people. One of them is close to dying but lucid and alert, which is rare for the ICU and somewhat off-putting. While walking past her bed with Z tonight, the patient asked to see the baby. B's not used to hearing patients in the unit speak out loud, since they're usually unconscious or at least intubated. She was also supposed to have a clerk on call with her tonight (clerks are 3rd-year med students), but it didn't pan out and so she's on as the sole resident all night. That's usually not a big deal, but with that many patients who are all very sick, she probably won't get much sleep tonight.

Did I already mention that I stayed at home from work with Z today? She's been sick for a couple days, and after vomiting at least once a day since Monday as well as having progressively worse diarrhea, we've switched her back to the old chicken-based formula temporarily to help settle her stomach and rehydrate her. The milk is probably not the cause of her illness, but she's so sick and uncomfortable that we hope this will help her a bit. Poor thing. She's been quite off for two days now, and literally wouldn't let me put her down for the entire day today.

I have to admit to a certain amount of frustration that she has to be in daycare. She never caught this many bugs before going, and I think she gets sick about twice a month now. Hopefully we can just avoid that whole escapade with our next one. I'm happy to think of some creative ideas for socialization that don't involve daycare. I think it's just too hard for the two teachers there who take care of eight infants to keep them and their environments clean enough not to transmit germs to each other. I base that conclusion in no small part on the state of Z's face, hands and clothes when I pick her up each day: she's always a sticky mess.