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Dustin LindenSmith

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(no subject)

Any fans of the odd excerpts I occasionally post in here from the Nondual Highlights may enjoy umbada, which is an early LJ account of Jerry's that looks to have been focused on providing a "highlights of the highlights" journal on here. The first two posts he made earlier this week are good ones. Snippets of Jerry's own free-form writings can be found in awesboss.

I wonder what the ultimate highlight of the highlights would be. Could we distill all the highlights into a single word? Would it be something as simple as silence? I dunno. What about the ultimate meditation? Is this the ultimate meditation? Is the simple recognition that this is the ultimate meditation the ultimate meditation?

Spell check in Word would have highlighted that, but they don't know what they're doing. Did you know that wickenden was on the design team for WordPerfect? He may have even been the team lead or product manager or something. wickenden, you'll have to refresh my memory on that one. Was it version 5.0?

One of the data processing clerks I hired last fall for the company with whom I'm currently working used to work in a customer support call centre for WindowsXP. One of the things that stood out most for me from her interview was that she had written and published three MS KnowledgeBase articles. That'd be cool, huh?

I said I was going to bed awhile ago, but I delayed. Now I'm going. Honest. Shutting down the computer now. Ahh...

frogs chirp on the lake
no moonlight reflects tonight
perfect, dark stillness

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wickenden June 28th, 2003
I was Director of Testing for WordPerfect Corp from about 1985 to 1993 or so when we were bought by Novell. I took over testing management for GroupWise for a couple more years, then moved on to other things.

In addition to running testing, I was a member of the change board where we fleshed out what was going to be in the product. My primary role was making sure that our regular modifications both truly suited customer needs and didn't increase testing needs without proper attention.

They were fun years!


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