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Dustin LindenSmith

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visionary keyboard design


I think jjjiii once posted something about a different key layout for computers, too. There's definitely room for improvement on this layout and system that we've been using for so long. I use on of those split ergonomic keyboards and love it, along with an optical wheel mouse with the wheel button set to "double-click." But I'm a big keyboard shortcut guy anyway, and usually only use my mouse for browsing locally and on the web. To navigate around text that I'm editing, I use HOME and END to jump to each end of a line, CTRL + LEFTARROW or RIGHTARROW to jump from one word to the next, CTRL + BACKSPACE to delete words behind the cursor, CTRL + DELETE to delete words in front of the cursor, and CTRL + SHIFT + whatever to select text. CTRL + C/X/V for copy/cut/paste too.

Any other favourite shortcuts used out there? ALT + LEFTARROW or RIGHTARROW in any web browser also goes back or forward a page, and CTRL or SHIFT + CLICK on a link usually opens the link in a new window.

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jjjiii June 28th, 2003
I love it when people remember something I talked about a long time ago. It kindof makes me feel non-useless. Thanks:)

iamom June 28th, 2003
Heh. Glad you liked that.

Do you remember where that keyboard layout site that you posted was, though? I remember thinking it was cool, but I never saved the link anywhere.

jjjiii June 28th, 2003
No idea, but if you look back through my journal you could find the link. I can't even remember when I was posting about that stuff, but it was probably months ago, maybe even a year or more.

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