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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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time for my twice-yearly Windows reinstall...

Copying my data files, photos and folders to my 2nd hard drive, backing them up to CD, and then formatting my primary hard drive and reinstalling Windows. Hope to have it all done this evening. Backing up my stupid e-mail took way longer than I'd hoped. I should stop keeping my e-mail archives for so long, I think. Or else, keep this current batch backed up and then start from scratch. My PST file after a good cleaning was still 134 MB, which indicates that I have too much junk in there.

I don't actually use much storage space on here anymore, though. I use a terminal server for all of my work data which means that all of it is stored offsite, and the only other things I have stored locally that take up any space are photos, e-mail, my website, and of course, Windows and Office.

Sometimes I almost hope that it would all go up in flames so I could really start from scratch. Having too much data hanging around is like having too many clothes or something. I like the idea of being more unfettered by it.