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Dustin LindenSmith

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short follow-up re Osho

Appreciated all comments and info passed along in response to my recent post about Osho. Just wanted to post an excerpt from a recent e-mail exchange with Jerry which I thought was instructive:
Each person has to examine their reaction to Osho. Maybe we expect enlightened people to be perfect in every way and when we see they're not, then we figure they're not enlightened and therefore their teachings are not worth examining.

For my money, his teachings are valid, but they get dismissed or become suspect because of his involvement in things that people don't expect from an enlightened one. It might require us to look at the source of our own expectations.
Virtually every event in our lives can give us a chance to examine our own expectations, if we let it. I've personally noticed that when I get upset or angry about something, it's usually because I had set my expectations too high. This is particularly easy for students to do with respect to their teachers. We routinely have very high expectations of our spiritual teachers, and it can be hard for us to accept it when they don't live up to them -- especially if they're supposed to be enlightened.

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vyoma September 25th, 2003
Tell this guy to give up his material possessions and send me all his money, his car, and his wife/girlfriend/etc. Otherwise, this is an absolute cop-out.

It's not a matter of being perfect; it's a matter of being criminal. Osho's followers poisoned people. He drove around in a fleet of 80 Mercedes Benz limousines bought with what he took from them. The guy hadn't mastered anything but using some loosely construed religious traditions as a cover for greed and lust for power.

It's funny... if a politician did the things Rajneesh did, and the politician's associates were caught doing the things that happened in Rajneesh's case, the same folks who keep sticking up for this spiritualist thug would be screaming for the politicos head. Yet let a guy with a beard spout a few lines of Sanskritic platitudes, and suddenly he can do no wrong.

Rajneesh is the mahaguru of con men.

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iamom November 21st, 2003
Hi River,

Nice to meet you. Have been too busy to reply to your message till now, but thanks for your note.

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