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Dustin LindenSmith

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(This is a fun site to play around on. So is this.)

The days pass so quickly now, what with this full-time, demanding management job. I think the work is akin to a martial art, in which I deflect, catch, grab or redirect the myriad requests, questions and tasks that come to me throughout each day. I have a staff of three which are all excellent, and in the three weeks since I've begun working with them, we've all learned how to dance together fairly well.

On stress: Yesterday, at the height of our workday (2-5 PM each afternoon gets quite busy), my right hand girl said in frustration, "I can't handle this! It's too much! It's crazy how much they're asking of us! There's no way we can finish this in time!"

I turned around in surprise. Had we reached that point? I hadn't noticed. Was I deflecting so much to them that I wasn't feeling the stress for myself? I looked down at my to-do list: 9 items left, all due that day, and not nearly enough time left in the day to get them all done. A supposedly stressful situation, no? But I didn't feel it. Couldn't feel it. Had to rely on the others to indicate that it was actually a bad, stressful day.

Oh well. If they say so, I guess.
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chaizzilla November 20th, 2003
did you get the stuff done?

iamom November 21st, 2003
Heh -- uh, no, I didn't. I didn't get nearly enough of it done, actually. But it worked out okay in the end, which was instructive to me.

Even when you think something really absolutely has to get done, sometimes it really doesn't. That's something I've learned this week, anyway.

chaizzilla November 21st, 2003
Even when you think something really absolutely has to get done, sometimes it really doesn't.

why do your coworkers think it does?

vyus November 20th, 2003
Ha! People might resent you for that workplace peace ;)

Good to see you're doing well.

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