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Dustin LindenSmith

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zdob si zdub?

I have these 2 mp3s from this group that I think I downloaded from someone on here, perhaps cpmcdill? Anyway, I've never listened to them before now, but they're bloody great. Dunsuri and Hardcor Moldovenesc. Does anyone know who these guys are?

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(Deleted comment)


iamom February 16th, 2004
By the name, you'd think so, but they sure don't sound it. I mean, I can't tell what language they're singing in, but it was really cool shit.

chaizzilla was the one who linked them to me -- I asked her to show me some more...

chaizzilla February 14th, 2004
zdob si zdub; want smore?


iamom February 16th, 2004
You know it! They're awesome! That tune, Dunsuri was the best. Reminded me of Devo or something...

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