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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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(no subject)

Have I been unwittingly included in some sort of a code message? I received this by e-mail yesterday, where any address at my domain (other than an address for an existing account) gets sent to me.
To: da808hd8asshd80ashd82dha@j---.com
From: Pat Ladd [qthovscn@msn.com]
Subject: reilly predict swishy corona sauerkraut typic converge africa hermosa bootstrapped assail susceptible betrayer cayley licensor breve corrodible leaflet season loin buddhism uruguay turnkey

Message: mush bluebill conciliate bert dosimeter foster honorarium jerry eunice brushy pug faro urban medley covenant acculturate triune threshold conferring schelling caller extensive subterranean corkscrew breeches coerce subterranean benign cady kolkhoz distinguish consonant dissonant glyceride alvarez arturo substitution
What the heck is that?

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wickenden June 4th, 2004
I get some like this too... I just think of it as spam.

I have no clue as to why...

the text, I think is to throw off spam content filtering.


seraphimsigrist June 4th, 2004
I get similar things
if there was an attatchment it is/was
a virus.

chaizzilla June 4th, 2004
What the heck is that?

the entrepeneurial spirit in full bloom

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