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Dustin LindenSmith

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progress note

First, big shout-outs to all friends old and new who gave me their good wishes and prayers from my last entry. I deeply appreciate personal messages like that to let me know how much moral support I have. Thanks again, so much.

I've been symptom- and pain-free for about 4 days now, which is nice. Earlier that was due to some good drugs, but I haven't even had a Tylenol today and I feel great. The steroids and antibiotics have undoubtedly done wonders for the swelling and infection that was causing so much discomfort in my sinuses and throat last week.

My main activity in the past day or two has been dealing with my parents visiting. They've been divorced since I was an infant, and both have gone on to re-marry and such. But they're each here alone without their significant others right now, and they've been spending lots of time alone together this week. Don't get me wrong, there's no chance of them hooking up again, but I mention it only due to its eeriness in seeing them in the same room together so often and so amicable together. It's nice when stuff like this brings people together, you know?

I'll be seeing a hematologist (a blood specialist) on Thursday, and in that meeting, I expect to get some more detailed info about the sub-type of lymphoma that I have, in addition to what treatment options are most likely to be considered. That will be a helpful meeting to get through in order to help me inform my parents more effectively about what we should all expect going forward. My mom in particular has been concocting a lot of crazy schemes in her head about weekly schedules, and assigned tasks to our friends here in town. She's just trying to be helpful, but I'll be drawing the line at her creating a schedule for our friends to come and visit.

Apart from that, everything is pretty much unfolding as it should, I think. No stress or worries at the moment, and I've been pretty relaxed, as per the norm. My understanding is that many lymphomas are considered to be curable forms of cancer, so I have every confidence in a positive outcome. I think the news has [understandably] scared my family more than it has me, to be honest. And I doubt that it's ever easy for a parent to hear that your child might get really ill. I can imagine, through our little Z, what that would feel like.

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omahhum July 19th, 2004
Best of luck and many prayers.

millennialhippy July 20th, 2004
And I doubt that it's ever easy for a parent to hear that your child might get really ill. I can imagine, through our little Z, what that would feel like.

Not to mention your wife. I hope she's holding up okay and has found her support structure. Thorough and quick healing to you and your entire collection of loved ones. *hugs*

umbada July 22nd, 2004
Geez, not only do you have to deal with getting better but you have to comfort those of us who are concerned about you. Thank you for letting us know how your world is going. I appreciate it.

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