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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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there sure isn't much to say, is there?

And yet, we spend most of our time talking about things. Debating this and that thing, discussing its merits, demerits... Pretty much like every other goddamned thing in life, isn't it? You can discuss it, debate it, pick it up and examine it, and when you put it back and move on to the next thing, it makes absolutely no difference that you were even aware of the previous thing. Kind of ironic, actually, that when you're trying to find ultimate meaning in the world you find that there's really nothing meaningful at all.

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scratch that - reverse it...

whipsmart April 18th, 2001
I believe when you finally give up looking for meaning in the universe, you tend to start finding meaning in the smallest things...

That's my Zen for the day...

Re: scratch that - reverse it...

iamom April 18th, 2001
Question 1: What do you mean by the universe? The world immediately around us, or the stars and galaxies, or...?

Question 2: What are the smallest things? And what is the nature of the meaning you find in them?

Re: scratch that - reverse it...

whipsmart April 18th, 2001
The universe to me is whatever I'm exposed to and whatever I believe affects me or influences me in some way. It can mean the stars and galaxies, for I enjoy gazing at them, and it can also mean my immediate surroundings. My friends and I can explore entire universes within ourselves at times.

The smallest things are not atoms or quarks or superstrings... they are conversations, a child's questioning face, a good fuck... anything that may expand or enhance my universe and give it meaning to me...

When I search for the meaning, it becomes like a pair of chinese handcuffs. The more I pull, the tighter it gets. When I let go, they fall off and set me free.
But defining true nature of the meaning is beyond me. The world is just a moment in this circle game of mine, and I haven't learned enough to always define the meaning in every expereince... It know that it has meaning if it teaches me something. That lesson can in turn help me to understand something completely different, and with the experience and knowledge of both of those, I can learn even more...

does that help?

Re: scratch that - reverse it...

iamom May 3rd, 2001
I started to reply to this comment of yours, but it turned into a journal entry instead...

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