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I get up speed gradually throughout the day, peaking in the mid- to late-afternoon. My project today is to put a coat of primer on the walls of the living room (12'x20') and dining room (12'x10'). If I get the primer on this afternoon, it should be nicely cured in time for its first coat of paint tomorrow morning.

In painting, I find that the prep takes the longest amount of time. Once you've finished moving the furniture into the centre of the room, cleaning and vacuuming along the baseboards and walls where the furniture was, taping off the mouldings and baseboards, and assembling the appropriate painting materials and clothing, you're 80% finished the job.

It's 2:30, and I've just finished the last of my taping and I've also assembled the materials. My goal is to finish at least 3 out of the 8 walls by the time B and Z come home, and to finish the remainder of the priming before we sit down to supper. I'll need B to do some cooking prep, but I'll be on hand to barbecue the chicken and serve. It'll be an honest day's work, deserving of a swim and a sauna later tonight.


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