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Dustin LindenSmith

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painting update

Finished all the priming yesterday. but didn't get any paint on until this morning. This is what the living room looked like after the primer went on, concealing a medium taupe colour which we applied in oil paint 4 years ago:

This morning I began applying the first coat of the new brown we chose, which is slightly darker than our last version. I love the initial results. It looks a bit green to me in this picture, but it's really a nice coffee-cream kind of brown:

Click on each pic if you want to see it larger. I'm also loving the quality of this paint -- it's Benjamin Moore's medium-grade acrylic, and it covers really well on its first coat. This job will be finished tomorrow morning after the second coat. It only costs $2 more per gallon than Wal-Mart's highest grade acrylic, but having worked with that paint recently, I can say that it doesn't hold a candle to this stuff.

And good God, is acrylic paint ever easier to work with than oil. Oil is nice to paint with, but it's thinner (more drip lines to worry about) and far messier to clean up. I love being able to wash my brushes and skin with warm water instead of with turpentine.

I need to completely finish this room and the dining room in time to re-hang all of the art and reassemble the room for a party we're having Saturday night. If possible, I also want to build the long table that B wants to sit behind the sofa in the living room. Roughly three-quarters the sofa's length, exactly its height, and about 16 inches in depth, B wants me to fashion this table from the discarded floorboards her father-in-law pulled up from our old front steps last week. I've picked out the wood I want to use for it, but I haven't even made the first cut yet. That'll be a fun project.

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wildgarden August 12th, 2004
That looks fantastic!

I need to paint my walls,too, and I've been procrastinating.
Seeing yours gives me a little jog....

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