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Dustin LindenSmith

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(no subject)

I wish I could remember who wrote this. I saw it posted to a discussion group fairly recently and enjoyed its backwardness. Its tone is reminiscent to me of the Tao Te Ching. I've always loved the first line of that poem: The Way that can be named is not the true Way. How beautiful. This excerpt expands on that thought.

This is a statement.
This is a statement that
is not.

The statement that is empty
is not an empty statement.
The full statement is empty.
The empty statement is full.

The aware statement is aware.
The unaware statement is aware.
The unaware is aware.
The aware is unaware.
Neither aware nor unaware,
neither full nor empty,
this statement is.

This statement that is,
is not a statement.

This statement is Buddhism.
That statement is not Buddhism.
Now, this statement isn't Buddhism
nor something else.

My statement is this.
That statement is yours.
Your statement is this.

These statements are in order.
Those statements aren't.
Those statements are these.

This statement is reading itself.
That statement isn't reading anything.
Now, this statement isn't being read.

This statement is.
The other statement is not.
Now, this statement is not.

This is true.
That is false.
That is this.

This is a nondual statement.
That is a dualistic statement.
Now, this statement is neither
dual nor nondual.

That statement is.
This statement isn't.

I am neither nothing
nor everything
nor a particular thing.

I am not not-nothing.
I am not not-everything.

I am this thing not.