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Dustin LindenSmith

father | musician | writer

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-- finished all painting and reassembling today of the LR/DR
-- upcoming includes financial admin, some carpentry, and a long road trip to Montreal and Toronto with the girls
-- upcoming also includes head/neck CT + repeat biopsy in attempt to attain clear diagnosis of lymphoma subtype

Had a nice party tonight with our friend Jen, of B and screamingmaniac's childhood acquaintance. Great steaks were spiced by Z (i.e. heavily) and grilled by me (i.e. rare-ly) and then, inspirationally topped with great slices of soft goat cheese by my wife. By the time the first cut was made, the goat cheese had softened into a wonderful paste on top of the steak. Its sharpness also offset beautifully the steak's salt-and-pepper flavour.

Beverages followed a summer theme and included frozen coffee cocktails and a variety of martinis. A refreshing ditty featuring frozen watermelon and vodka was also attempted with no small measure of success. Good times were had by all, but we won't be sad to see that dog go home tomorrow. (This is a dog currently being dog-sat by Jen, for whom we covered her dogsitting responsibilities for the past two nights and which has not, all told, been a pleasurable experience for us or our neighbours (the barking maniac!).)

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starskin August 14th, 2004
Have you started treatment yet? Or can that not happen until you know the subtype?

iamom August 16th, 2004
Thank you for asking. Treatment has not yet started, for the reason you just stated.

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