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Dustin LindenSmith

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Z's first haircut...

...was last night before bed. It was fun. Her hair is still full of those beautiful corkscrew curls, it's just that it's not so long in the back. She cried when she looked down into the sink afterwards. "I want my hair back!" she yelled. "Where all my HAIR go?"

I changed the subject by asking her where all MY hair had gone. "It all GONE," she said knowingly. "Daddy hair went AWAY."

When she says "hair," it sounds more like "HEY-ah." Like, "Where all my HEY-ah go?" It's cute. She sounds like a Southern belle or something. She certainly looks like one, anyway.

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gwendy August 16th, 2004
goodness! i'd be crying if i saw those beautiful curls in the sink too!!!

vyus August 16th, 2004
I find it mildly amusing that I find the stories about Z as amusing as I do.

iamom August 17th, 2004
Does it allow you to enjoy bits of parenthood vicariously, perhaps? :)

vyus August 17th, 2004
I refuse to engage in conjecture on phenomenon :)

chaizzilla September 6th, 2004
wow, it's kinna trippy updating the mental image of kids you don't see every day. i guess that's normal for the humans, if the cat here (Smug, belongs to house guest) learned to talk i'd drop my spoon. i actually know a real live person who's going to be having a kid soon, it'll be pretty much the first exposure to littles i've had since ages ago after dead tour/rainbow/guatemala/etc. i making her a laibach baby blanket :)

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