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Dustin LindenSmith

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on the existence of a soul, and the nature of how we are physically manifest in the world

Had our friend J over tonight for some herb and a long rap about the nature of the mind-body connection (and in turn, of consciousness itself). She described some research currently being conducted by neurophysiologists who are trying to find the soul. She wondered if scientists will be able to find a way to prove or disprove the existence of a soul, and also wondered how the soul (and in turn, our individual consciousness) is manifest in the physical realm of our bodies and personalities and such.

I had a bit of trouble with the discussion because I felt that a number of the questions we were considering were either unimportant or already resolved for me. I tend toward a world view that sees the sum total of my body-mind as a fairly concrete entity unto itself, manifest directly from Consciousness in the apparent form of the person people know as D_____. All of the associated mysteries about how that person is manifest in the physical world fall into the concept of that person itself, and I don't tend to question them too much anymore. In other words, how Consciousness is manifest in this apparent entity called D_____ is no longer of any import: that fact that It is is good enough for me.

I guess it's all pretty abstract at this level, but I'm trying to say that I don't feel a need to know the answers to these questions anymore. It feels most natural to drop the drama associated with these questions and to just live life without questioning its 'ultimate meaning.' Any possible meaning that can be ascribed to life cannot be more correct or more important than any other one, and so at some point, it becomes needless to continue the questioning any further (or to continue the search for, or assignation of, meaning).

Whatever emptiness is left behind once the questioning is abandoned, is perfect. I appear to be watching the events of this life unfold from the position of an objective, personless witness; but I can't explain who or what owns this sense of witnessing. To contemplate this more deeply is only to encourage the further proliferation of more thought-waves; again, without these thought-waves being inherently 'meaningful' unto themselves.

By the way, I don't find that meaninglessness to be a negative thing. There's enormous comfort to be found in acceptance of the inherent meaninglessness of these thoughts and events. That is to say, all thoughts and events. Accepting that meaninglessness brings you to a state of perfect peace, and further enables you to transcend the drama of the current moment.

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chaizzilla September 6th, 2004
I don't feel a need to know the answers to these questions anymore.


searching is probably unavoidable on some level once the question comes up, but it is muy auspicious to be lobbing that ball out of the yard before getting stuck where you can't get over 'knowing' whatever answer happens to put the end bracket on it. pity the fool whose sleeps through all the local stops on the express train to Nihilism!


vyus September 6th, 2004
Seems to me that for a scientifically driven endeavor to have direction in "discovering" a soul, one has to define what a soul is or would be. There has to be some agreement on what a soul is or how it would manifest, else it proves nothing except to those who already have like-minded views.

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