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Dustin LindenSmith

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more old Apple info


Damn, I just blew an HOUR reading this, among many other pages. I just read a whole first-hand history of how the graphical user interface (GUI) came to be, the genesis of the WYSIWYG display, and some amazing archival photos and ads for the very first Apple computers in 1976. How totally, incredibly trippy. The first Apple didn't even come with its own case -- you had to built one yourself!!!

millennialhippy suggested that I turn that old Performa I have into a fishtank. It's worth $35 somewhere, I've heard, but really, there must be a practical use for the damn thing. I wonder if it can run Linux...

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jjjiii September 10th, 2004
I have an old Centris 610 sitting around with my old college papers on the hard drive. One of these days I'm going to power it up and move the files. I have 20 or 24 mb of RAM and 730mb of hard drive... It came with 4mb ram and 80mb hdd. Amazing how spacious 24mb feels when your OS fits into 1mb and you're using RAMDoubler to effectively give you 40 (or 48) mb...

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